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Have you noticed that while there are lots of avenues to learn Zoom 101 (muting the microphone, changing your name, going into Gallery view) there are not a lot of resources that go beyond that?  

 You made a great point at the beginning about not trying to translate regular class into Zoom, but to work with the possibilities of Zoom itself. 

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This workshop builds on techniques developed by the Applied Improvisation Network to do things with Zoom that you probably have never seen before! Things that will make your zoom meetings more effective and engaging, and are not yet widely known.  We will be using features of zoom in ways that they were not originally intended to be used, have a good time, and you will leave with new ideas you can use right away, and a new mindset that will make you feel charged and happy to continue making discoveries.  

I was trying to figure out how to do exercises that require vulnerability, like Step into the Circle if…..” When Doug showed us how to use the hide your screen feature my mind exploded. I saw about 5 applications at once, ways to go deeper, how to develop connections. Was such a relief to this old war horse. I am about to turn 65; have been teaching since I was 22. Did not think I could expand my Wheelhouse with such excitement!

Suzanne Pullen

People have told me that they’ve left this workshop feeling energized, excited about using what they’ve learned, and confident in developing their own new techniques. You aren’t going to leave feeling overloaded or intimidated; you will leave feeling empowered and mighty.

 Love the ideas that streamline and speed up interaction via Zoom. Only would have liked a longer session to learn more!

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Thursday, January 14
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I loved the extreme density of useful information in this presentation. So many of these pedagogy webinars (and I’ve been to quite a few at this point, some by very expensive and famous people) end up padding out 2-3 minutes of semi-useful insight with 60-90 minutes’ worth of time-wasting filler and restatement. By contrast, every. single. minute. in this workshop felt well-used and packed with genuinely new ideas. That has literally never happened to me before in any professional-development training, and gotta be honest, it was pretty refreshing to the soul. I also appreciated the psychological insight underlying a lot of the techniques we learned: rather than just focusing on cool tech tricks, this presentation felt as though it proceeded from a genuine understanding of how learners relate emotionally and cognitively to the Zoom experience. A lot of that likely proceeded from Doug’s improv experience, and I appreciated the opportunity to see how an experienced, charismatic performer would handle a lot of the techniques we discussed in the session. Finally, I appreciated that this session also achieved what it proposed to teach: it delivered an engaging , lively Zoom experience where I felt genuinely “seen” as a participant and felt myself forming active connections to the other learners present. Having had that experience is going to make it a lot easier to understand my students’ perspective as I work to build the same kind of rapport in my own classes this fall.

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