The Perfect Thing to Say

Every once in a while someone says the perfect thing to me.

A. is a colleague (Friend? I hope so) who I’d been Facebook messaging about British Bakeoff.  She was at a planning meeting where I almost lost it, but hid it fairly well, because I was about to emcee a Listening Session in front of a whole bunch of UNI faculty, some of whom were angry, and I was going to be up there as the Face of the committee. A lot of committee members were also going to be there, but I’m was going to be the one up there saying, “This is why we have to do this, and why we shouldn’t grumble.”  If I were in the audience, not part of the committee, I’d be grumbling.

I was stressed about it, and as I said, I thought I had hid it well.

She messaged me after the meeting. One line.

“YOU WILL BE STAR BAKER. And if people are mean, I’ll bite them.”

Thank you, A.