He Lost His Place

He was reading his novel, and his mind wandered, and he realized he had completely lost his place. He turned his eyes to the page, but checked his watch reflexively and realized it was 2:45 and he would have to hurry to get to his Semiconductor class. But he looked around and was disoriented a bit – because the view outside his window didn’t look like Urbana, Illinois and there were laptops everywhere and so he wasn’t in college and hadn’t been in a long time. Confused, he looked for the call button to call the Nice Nurse (Nurse Emma Schmidt “call me Emma”) but after a moment he realized he wasn’t in the hospital, so he hadn’t had that stroke yet and the lack of pain in his hands meant he wouldn’t be having it for quite a while. Then he saw a 20-year-old in a Michigan T-Shirt and remembered that it was 2010 and he was right between the semester where he and Josh wrote the puzzles and he got tenure, and the semester where he taught online the first time. Satisfied, he put down his novel and picked up his new iphone to call his wife and ask to be picked up.