Fast Food Joyce!

Fast Food Joyce is an activity where six people transform some simple sentences that they write into wonderful stories in the style of James Joyce. It is fun, and if you are a teacher this is a wonderful activity to use with your students. It teaches about James Joyce’s process, and helps build confidence in yourself as a writer. And you wind up with six stories that belong to all of us and to none of us!

Time Commitment

Each day you will watch a two minute video with instructions, and then write or rewrite five sentences.  Here’s the schedule:

FIRST DAY: 10 – 15 minutes
SECOND DAY: 15 – 20 minutes
THIRD DAY: 15 – 20 minutes

After that, you are done!  On Day 4 I will send you the final stories, and instructions on how you can do this with your friends or your students.  I will include links to google docs and a google sheet that automates the process on your end.



Step 1: How to pay

Since this is a relatively new workshop, the cost is $10.

Step 2: How to register

After you’ve paid, you register by clicking the button for the session you are interested in. Enrollment is capped at six people. I will be opening other sections throughout 2023, so if you can’t make the available ones, stay tuned!

DAY 1: Tuesday, May 9
DAY 2: Wednesday, May 10
DAY 3: Thursday, May 11

DAY 1: Monday, May 15
DAY 2: Tuesday, May 16
DAY 3: Wednesday, May 17

Will there be more workshops?

If you would like me to email you about future workshops (and only that – I don’t have time to write SPAM and you don’t want to read it – we all have day-jobs) click the button below to make that happen!

Any Questions?

Let me know if you have any other questions or anything else I can help you with. (Feel free to browse my page for other cool stuff). Click the button below and you can email me.