Improv for Educators Workshop

Crucial teaching and educational leadership skills include being able to listen completely, react quickly, and to make bold choices. This session is all about providing “aha!” moments – there isn’t much lecturing. Attendees will participate in activities and experiences that will not only practice these skills but also develop new ways of thinking about them. And there will be plenty of opportunities for discussion and reflection.

I really enjoyed how you had us practice each activity and there was a skill developed in doing the activity but you also connected each activity to a broader educational idea. 

Marcy Seavy, UNI STEM coordinator

Every group of educators is different, and I make sure to be very “present” as we go – tailoring every activity, every sentence, to the people in the room. I want every single person there to gain skill and confidence in all three areas, and I usually succeed. Introverts and extroverts alike will be challenged without being stressed.

Just want to say thanks for the great communication training this morning. I’m a self-described terrible listener (most often guilty of formulating a response while someone else is talking), and your session gave me a lot to think about. I was actually on the fence about attending because improv is so ’not my thing,’ but ultimately glad I went.

On an unrelated note, thanks for shattering my Ph.D.-holding, calculus-teaching, math professor stereotype.  

Workshop Participant

The fact that this workshop will also be Lots of Fun is an unavoidable byproduct of the work, and we apologize in advance.

That was so great! So much different from India. I even spoke in front of the whole group! It was wonderful!

Workshop Participant

Doctor Shaw is an Applied Improvisation Network Certified Practitioner