Math Stuff

I’m a math professor. I’m also a math fan. I hope you enjoy this mathematics content1

I’d rather talk to you about what I’ve done than post a Resume. But I get it. Here’s mine.

Some students and I are researching Harris Graphs. Come and see the definitive Harris zoo!

Some of my articles are available online. Do you want to read them? Then… DO!

This is an adaptation of a handout I give students at about week 2 or 3 of a proof based course, after their feet are wet.

I’m very proud of this series of problems, where students read a whimsical story, and then have to find the flaw in a mischevious stranger’s reasoning.

Cool math stuff I did not write

Did you think that Euler’s identity was counterintuitive? Ho ho! You haven’t seen Todd’s Evil Limit!

This is a link to the most clear, comprehensive, guide to mathematical writing that exists.

This is one of the most amazing math things I’ve seen, and believe you me boy howdy I’ve seen plenty. Seriously. Want to see a sequence that begins this way?
Pi/2, Pi/2, Pi/2, Pi/2, Pi/2, Pi/2, Pi/2, (0.9999999999)Pi/2? People thought it was a bug in the software at first.