Fun Stuff

So I started my first homepage over two decades ago. I first registered about 20 years ago. I’ve created a lot of fun content in that time, and I’d like to share some of it with you.

I’ve written some cool stuff that people have liked, and some reviews that people have liked. Click the button to see some!


Pomegranate: Because of Greek Mythology, when I visit a city I hate, I will never eat pomegranate seeds there.

Whenever I have to look up a word because I can’t figure it out myself – I make a note of it. Have fun!

Once upon a time I created a wonderful game that was a cross between Cosmic Encounter and Euchre. I created a prototype free version, with the idea of selling it to a game company and becoming rich. That did not happen. Click the button to see the game!

Some silliness making fun of the way my mother writes postcards and letters. One of the first times I played around with Photoshop.