Improv for Business Students Workshop

According to researchers at the University of Northern Iowa, today’s employers want to hire business graduates who are able to collaborate, innovate, communicate, and adapt. Specific content knowledge did not rank as highly on their list as these skills. Unfortunately, many, if not most of business graduates leave college worse at these skills than when they entered!

This highly experiential workshop, developed with Sarah-Noll Wilson, has been required of University of Northern Iowa college of business students since 2012. Graduates of the program have reported that the experiences they’ve had in this workshop, and the lessons they’ve learned, have helped in their careers and their personal lives. You can read an article about this workshop in Biz-Ed magazine.

Everything that was taught is applicable not only in business but in all aspects of life. Also, we practice in a safe place to gain experience to use it outside of class.

University of Northern Iowa College of Business student

The more intent listening skills is something I’ve been thinking about a lot and I want to start doing more in my conversations. I also want to start saying “yes, and.” I think that is really powerful and can change the whole conversation.

University of Northern Iowa College of Business student

I would love to help your students develop these essential tools as well! We will work within your constraints and goals to make this a valuable part of your students’ program!

Students commented that your workshops helped them to become more confident with their collaboration and communication skills. One student commented, “I learned that mental defaults kill innovation, and that I should try to think outside the norm.”Another student said, “l am excited to start listening from a perspective of curiosity .”

Katie Hillyer, Director, Office for Professional Distinction 
University of Northern Iowa  
College of Business Administration 

Doctor Shaw is an Applied Improvisation Network Certified Practitioner