How do we begin? Let’s start light. Next time we will do a really long piece about math education and improv training.

DOUG:     What kind of rabbits can vegetarians eat?
BASHO:    Dust bunnies!

DOUG:     Why does Dracula hate pasteurization?
BASHO:    It makes his blood boil.

DOUG:     What do you call it when someone lives among Vulcans long enough to start identifying with them?
BASHO:    Spockholm syndrome.

DOUG:     I only know BASIC and JAVA – can you help me adjust to C+?
BASHO:    I can give you a few pointers.

DOUG:     I went to a fancy seminar on pilfering
BASHO:    Oh?  What were your takeaways?
DOUG:     The silverware

DOUG:     How are we going to increase our container-making factory’s profits?
BASHO:    We’re just going to have to start thinking outside of the-
DOUG:     Don’t say it!


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